December, 2022: Intentions

I can hardly believe that it’s the end of 2022.  I have so many plans on my 101 in 1001 and bucket lists to accomplish in my lifetime while time seems to move more and more quickly as I age.

Christmas dessert is already in the plan.

Now for my December list of good intentions:

  1.  Attend a concert.

    We have tickets for Music from Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev.

  2.  Celebrate Christmas!  I have a new theme for this year.

    The theme for the past few years has been polar bears.

  3.  Send out 3 handwritten notes. (101 in 1001 #96)
  4.  See a movie.
  5. Do something fun we’ve never done together.

    We’ve never visited a planetarium together.

  6.  Get rid of another box from the attic. (Perhaps the excess from our Christmas collection.)

    I’m sharing the wealth.

  7.  Read a book:  Last Christmas in Paris: A Novel of World War I by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

    Last Christmas in Paris

  8.   Finalize details for February and March trips.
  9.  Pick a word to focus on for the month. My word: REMEMBER.
  10.  Write a goal list for January, 2023.



November, 2022: Well Intended

November is over; I can hardly believe it.  We accomplished much more than I had actually hoped to get done.  Here is our progress.

We did a little rearrangement of the foundation plants.

In addition to the numbered list I attacked the items in this post.

  • I emptied a box from the attic and removed a number of medium sized objects and toys which have now been distributed.

    This box was full of stuff in the attic. Not any more.

  • I added new people to my family tree.

    My ancestors all hail from western Europe.

  • I took a basic foraging class along with Sug.

    We were given supplies to make a little foraging diary.

  •  I also ticked #92 off the list: try Tai chi.  I tried it; I like it; I’ll continue with the practice.

    Calmness is a benefit of t’ai chi.

  • And #37 is accomplished: Fast for 24 hours.  Turns out this was not much of a challenge since I seem to inadvertently do it about once a week.

Now for my November list of good intentions:

  1.  Get out holiday decorations.

    Not magazines, Christmas ornaments.

    We lugged the boxes down to the living room and decorated a tree before Charlie has elbow surgery.  He won’t be able to lift anything for 2 months.

  2.  Celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Apple pie a la mode drenched in caramel sauce for dessert.

  3.  Wrap, pack up, and mail Christmas gifts.


    Packed for shipping

    I wrapped all our gifts and packed the the ones that get mailed in a box.

  4. Attend an all-day retreat with a study group.  About a dozen of us spent the day on West River learning more about each other and asking the hard questions.

    West River is a 6-mile long tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

    I wouldn’t want to do this every weekend even though the setting was lovely and the food delicious.

  5.  See a movie. Alone in the theatre I saw Tár starring Kate Blanchett.  While it was very long I was engaged to stay to the end to find out what she had done and what the consequences would be. I also saw Armageddon Time which had wonderful acting with A-list actors but it felt unfinished to me.

    What’s (or should I say “who’s”) on The Menu?

    Then I saw The Menu with Ralph Fiennes, a thriller, which was plenty scary for me. It was in a word: unsavory. Normally I wouldn’t see a thriller but I really like Fiennes. He’s playing on Broadway right now and I’ll have to miss it.

  6.  Start a course at the local college: Art of the Ancient World.  The teacher is knowledgeable and the class moves quickly.  I intend to learn what I should see when I visit Egypt and Greece and maybe a second trip to Rome.

    One of the most valuable artifacts in the world, the Narmer Palette, dates from the 31st century BCE. I hope to see it in Cairo.

  7.  Read a book:  Hamlet by Shakespeare.  I know I’ve read Hamlet before but a rereading was certainly enlightening — I didn’t remember all the characters and intrigue.  The language is beautiful.

    In its 20th season The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company is offering Hamlet.

    And I bought tickets to attend a local production next spring.

  8. Organize, store, or move one box in the upstairs hall.

    These plastic bins hold up better than cardboard boxes for long-term storage. I like the see-through ones.

    I moved 2 large bins from the upstairs hall to the attic where things are becoming neater and more organized as the overall load diminishes.

  9.  Pick a word to focus on for the month. My word: REMINISCE.  As I look through boxes of clutter it’s hard NOT to reminisce on times gone by and think about what was important then and what’s important now.
  10.  Write a goal list for December, 2022.


Emergency Bench Repair — Part 1

We have an old bench in the front garden.

The bench in spring.

Rarely is it used as seating.

The marble is from an historic house.

Its claim to fame is that once upon a time the marble seat was a hearth in one of the big Victorian houses down the road.

An ivy covered limb had fallen onto the bench.

Recently I looked across the yard to see the bench covered with English ivy.  I thought it strange.

Sug hauled away the branch and attachments to the back of the yard.

Sug kindly cleared off the fallen debris.

After removal of the limb the damage was apparent.

My task will be to design and build a new back so stay tuned for Part 2.


Everything to Be Thankful For

Charlie and I are spending a quiet Thanksgiving together.

Even our neighbors send us photos of The Glade — a place for which we are truly grateful.

We have had invitations but with all the hustle and bustle of the season we’re happy to eat a simple meal of our favorite foods.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We’re both We 3 are wishing you a truly extravagant Thanksgiving with all the fixings.

I almost forgot Dash who will not be having crab cakes. His menu includes lamb and peas.

The Menu (not to be confused with the very disturbing movie of the same name):

  • Maryland crab cakes

    Maryland blue crab is my (and always has been)my favorite food.

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts

    After roasting I sometimes drizzle my sprouts with balsamic vinegar or honey (or both).

  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes and gravy for Charlie
  • Mini apple pies a la mode with caramel sauce

    The mini pies will be gilded with caramel and ice cream.

Grateful for all the blessings of God.


Still Hard to Buy For

Five years ago I wrote a post about how I’m the ultimate “hard-to-buy-for” person in our family.

I might look cute in a beret so I ordered a couple.

There’s not really anything I need or want — my life is full. I can’t even think of anything to add to the list below.  It’s shocking because I am a list maker.

We have traveled by air, sea, and land.

My big splurge is travel — to go, to see, to do.

Five years ago the front of the house needed to be landscaped.

The front of the house has been landscaped and is slowly growing.

My list back then included:

  1. New wash cloths. I bought 2 packs of bright white washcloths from Walmart for under $5 for each pack of 18.

    I have so many washcloths now some are in reserve.

  2. Fresh flowers.  I treat myself to fresh flowers regularly when I can’t cut them from our garden.

    White roses are my favorite.

  3. Shalimar is my signature perfume.  Charlie gifted me with a large bottle which will last me a good while.

    This is a large bottle of Shalimar.

  4. Gym clothes.  I stopped going to the gym but my sister sent me a lovely skirt for après swim.  I used it at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and plan to take it on every vacation where a pool or beach figures into the equation.

    I wore my RipSkirt almost every day in Hawaii.

  5. I might ultimately want Microsoft Surface Tablet but I now have a relatively new computer from work which works just great.

    I’m up to speed on this computer and all my work is saved in it.

  6. I’m still considering a new small sound system.
    A Bose system is compact but relatively expensive.
    A Bose system is compact but relatively expensive.
  7. When friends and family saw pale pink king size sheets on my list I was gifted with more than one set.  I kept the good soft cotton ones for us and gave a microfiber set to son and wife. Pure abundance.

    Love my pale pink sheets.

  8. Cashmere sweaters in any color.  I now have plenty of cashmere sweaters thanks to Charlie and my sister.  I used to opt for turtlenecks, now I am more attracted to V-necks.  I wear them regularly so in a couple of years I’ll probably replenish. I recently bought a new one in olive green.

    I keep my sweaters in a closed cabinet with lavender to deter moths and worms.

  9. It was a devastating Olive oil crop in Italy this past year so I’ll continue to purchase my oil at the grocery store.

    Olive oil from a friend’s grove in Italy.

    I miss the fine quality of a small pressing from a private orchard.

    My olive trees don’t actually produce any fruit.

  10.  Charlie and I had a long weekend in NYC.

    I captured a shadow of the Empire State Building from the 102nd Floor.

    We saw 4 great shows on Broadway and the viewed the city from the top of  the Empire State Building.

    What I really treasure is my family .  .  .

    And friends!

    It’s an extravagant list, I know.  And most of it has been fulfilled. Apparently my family already knows what I like.


Reassessing the Front Planting

Recently Charlie moved the Brass Buckles ilex from the side of the house to the front corner which gave us the idea that we shouldn’t stop there.

The Brass Buckles ilex are a year-round bright spot by the driveway.

A few years ago Charlie and I ordered plants from a local nursery and planted them in a symmetrical pattern at the front foundation of the house.

We were hoping this would grow at a steady, equal rate.

Three years later the plants had grown but not really enhanced the front of the house.

After giving everything a chance to establish itself I realized symmetry was not as valuable as balance in this particular situation.

The spreading juniper was literally climbing up the house.

For some odd reason the plants on the left grew much better than the ones on the right.

The juniper has been trimmed and thinned.

So Charlie trimmed back some of the spreading juniper and and moved a rather large one from the left side of the house to the right .  He also moved an ilex from right to left thus creating a hole.

This rhododendron has been suffering in the deep shade of the woods.

The rhododendron has been moved to the far corner of the house.

We filled the hole with a large rhododendron that had been just surviving in the woods near the shed.

The front is no longer symmetrical but appears more balanced.

Since our house is usually viewed from the driveway side the larger plants on the far side (the right) draw one’s eye down the garden path.

The newly rearranged front foundation plantings enhanced by fallen autumn leaves.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see how our garden grows.



Unlike the foundation planting we have had better success with the three golden thread false cypress shrubs that were planted in front of the yew at the edge of the driveway. It almost looks like a fountain.


Moving the Mini Hedge

In 2019 I planted a little boxwood hedge at the back of the house to add some interest under the kitchen bump-out windows.

The boxwood at the back of the house was growing well.

I started with cuttings from the boxwood shrub I had formerly nursed from a cutting.

We started out with 7 Brass Buckles ilex on the side of the house but only 4 survived.

Then this fall I had the brilliant idea to rearrange much of the foundation planting around the house.

The Brass Buckles ilex are a year-round bright spot by the driveway.

With Charlie’s able assistance we relocated the Brass Buckles ilex from the side of the house to a more featured spot in the front near the driveway. Since only four of the original seven had survived they didn’t make much impact on the side of the house.

Four Brass Buckles holly will maintain a low-growth highlight in the front yard.

Clumped together in front they provide a bright focus to the front entry.

The tiny boxwood have been doubling in size annually.

In their place Charlie moved all the tiny boxwood plants from the back of the house to the long side near the driveway.  He painstakingly measured where each would go to provide what we hope will be a short hedge.

The tiny plants should ultimately grow as large as the one on the left.

The plant that anchors the back end is another of these plants that we positioned a few years ago in the alcove created by the bump-out.

I still think the bump-out needs a little dressing up.

Of course now we have another empty space under the bump-out to consider.


First At Bat

After posting my new 101 in 1001 list I took a good look to see what I could start on RIGHT NOW! Could I knock a few items out of the park (off the list) right away. (I think the baseball allusion is due to recent World Series play between the Astros and Phillies.  I don’t follow the game but it had been preempting Jeopardy over the past few weeks.)

I always have a book to read.

Happily I can (and must) focus on a few items immediately and consistently since reading 50 books or seeing 50 movies takes time.  I generally have those 2 items as tasks in my monthly to-do list.

We’re hoping to visit Egypt next fall.

Trips and parties take planning so they also must be accomplished over time.

Who’s next?

The very first item that I plan to work on is #30 removing a box from the attic.  I’m hoping to get ambitious and get rid of more than one since I have a bunch of boxes and bins in the upstairs hall which came out of the two guest rooms I’m trying to reclaim.

Maitake is one of our favorites.

I have also targeted #45 learn to forage.  I do forage for wild mushrooms and wild greens most of the year but to the purpose of actually learning, I am signed up for Foraging 101 at our local library.

My grandmother (right) and her sister in 1926. I bet they didn’t know they were part Portuguese.

Finally #81 is work on genealogy and family tree. Recently I have made new connections of ancestors I was not aware of.  I was especially intrigued by my 2% Portuguese heritage.  Now I know which side of the family that is and the person’s name.

I’m gonna get busy.


101 in 1001 #6: A New Start

I have been making 101 tasks in 1001 days lists since 2009.  I have never totally finished one but I have made more progress than I might have done without the list as a guide. This new list begins November 4, 2022 and runs until August 1, 2025. My 5th list began February 6, 2020. It ended on November 3, 2022. Fourth list started May 10, 2017 (first list ended 11/13/2011, second list 8/11/2014, third list 5/9/2017) Completed items are in blue, black is the color for original post.  Pink items are plans.  Red items are cautions due to the situations out of my control.

  1. Retire from work  January 31, 2023  
  2. Start looking for house on the water. Requirements:  First floor bedroom and bathroom, 2 or 3 bedrooms, outbuilding with living accommodations, waterfront, dock, utility room
  3.  Get new Global Entry

    Global Entry must be reapplied for every 5 years.

  4. Get new passport.

    A passport must be reapplied for every 10 years — a buffer of 6 months is generally advised for international travel.

  5. Find a new Primary Care Physician.  I’ve had the same PCP for about 40 years and now he wants to retire.
  6. Find a new dentist.  I’ve also had the same dentist for about 40 years.  If I move out of the area I’ll need to replace him as well.
  7.  Find a new dermatologist.
  8. Visit St. Louis, Nashville and Great Smoky Mountain National Park 2024
  9. Solar eclipse in North America between Saint Louis, Mo and Nashville, TN — April 8, 2024. 

    Our first solar eclipse was a great adventure.

    Charlie and I loved experiencing our first total solar eclipse in 2017 so much that we want to do it again.

  10. Lead a Bible study or Book Club at home.
  11. Tour Bureau of Engraving and Printing  Closed to visitors.
  12. Visit the National Archives  Closed except for timed tickets to the Rotunda.  Should be planned as an add-on to another DC activity.
  13. Visit Greece 2024
  14. Get rid of 50 books

    No matter how many books I get rid of there are still many more.

  15. Host a swap meet.

    Quarts of frozen soup are the key to an successful swap.

  16. Host a dinner party for 6.
  17. Learn to copyright (watermark) photos.
  18. Make a photo album of Mommie

    Working on it.

  19. Increase net worth by 25%.
  20.  Adjust automatic reinvestments.
  21. Paint landscapes/seascapes on canvas/wood.
  22. Make a household inventory with photos.
  23. Design Etsy boutique packaging.
  24. Get rid of 5 big items from the house:  Cedar chest, Saddle/horse gear, Dollhouse, Skittle game, Easel, Chandelier, Sleds

    I have all sorts of horsey stuff, including a saddle, to pass on to someone else.

  25. Design and print business cards.
  26. Attend 5 concerts:
  27. Paint all trim.
  28. Repaint exterior parts of house that have weathered.

    The side porch was the first of this project to be completed.

  29. Clean out car.
  30. Remove 10 boxes from the attic.

    Hoping to edit the Christmas decorations once again.

  31. Build frame for full length mirror.
  32. Give 5 parties.
  33. Paint green vanity.

    I’d like to update my great grandmother’s dressing table.

  34. Refinish tall dresser.
  35. Clear out mudroom closet.

    The coat closet in the mudroom requires constant monitoring.

  36. Whiten my teeth. 
  37. Fast for 24 hours.
  38. Work on side hustle.
  39. Teach Dash a new trick.

    Dash learned how to work the weave poles in the last 101 go-around.

  40. Zip line in tropical forest.
  41. See 50 movies.
  42. Read 50 books.
  43. Parasail or hang-glide.
  44. Take a stargazer class or lesson.

    I plan on visiting our local observatory again.

  45. Learn to forage.
  46. Be part of a TV audience.
  47. Throw away/donate 30 things and do not replace them.
  48. Drink 60 ounces of water each day for a week. 
  49. Try 5 new restaurants. 
  50. Build deck onto conservatory.
  51. Upgrade dollhouse castle.

    The dollhouse castle is ready to be refurbished.

  52. Paver patio around fire pit.
  53. Clean up pond.
  54. Paint shore house sheds.

    The sheds at the shore house need a lick of paint.

  55. See 5 theatrical productions.
  56. Put outdoor shower at shore house.
  57. Install dual system — heating and air conditioning — in master bedroom in shore house.
  58. Get together with Sister.

    I’m the sister on the right.

  59. Maine whale watching.
  60. Visit Cylburn Arboretum.
  61. Egypt, pyramids, camel ride.
  62. Have large painting appraised.

    This painting should be valued by a pro.

  63. Visit Yellowstone.
  64. Visit Winterthur.
  65. Get rid of 101 items.
  66. Host a dinner party for 8.
  67. Visit Longwood Gardens.
  68. Go to the beach for a long weekend.

    Love watching the waves.

  69. Wash all the windows in the house.
  70. Maintain my personal weight goal.
  71. Build a structure for trash cans and recycle bins.
  72. Clear out the basement.
  73. Visit Vieques to see luminescent bay.

    Hoping to see the bioluminescence of Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico.

  74. Take 3 Bible studies.
  75.  Renovate Treetops bedroom.
  76. Celebrate 15th wedding anniversary 2024.
  77.  Have a yard sale.
  78.   Sort out all frames.

    Picture frames are a major clutter factor in the back bedroom.

  79.  Go to dermatologist.
  80. Visit New England.
  81. Work on genealogy family tree.
  82. Ride in a dog sled.
  83.  Stay in a remote place with few services.
  84.  Unplug completely for a full day (no phone, no TV, no internet, no camera)
  85. Go on a road trip.

    Lots of places to visit within driving distance.

  86.  Declutter shed.
  87.  Celebrate milestone birthday.
  88. Re-landscape front yard.
  89. Try archery.
  90. Take an art history class.
  91. Visit friends who can’t get out.
  92. Try tai chi.
  93. Clear up/organize photos.
  94. Eat vegetarian for a week.
  95. Free up 10 hangers in my clothing closet.

    Surely I don’t need all these clothes.

  96. Send 10 handwritten cards for no special reason.
  97. Have ring appraised.
  98. Get rid of 5 pairs of shoes.

    Freeing up space in my shoe tower would be a plus.

  99. Go to a Chincoteague pony penning.
  100. Shred old files.
  101. Private

This new list will be challenging since some of the items have been unfinished on the last three lists and the Covid epidemic had all but stopped our travel and entertaining plans.  Now that the world is opening up we’re still cautious but trying to move forward.  I’m hoping to be more productive this time through.


101 in 1001 #5: Final

Once again I was unable to completely finish my list of 101 tasks in 1001 days.  I have never actually completed any of my lists, this one being number 5.  I would like to blame my lack of diligence to the COVID pandemic but that is only a partial excuse.

We learned how to self-test for COVID.

My most recent (5th) list began February 6, 2020. It ends on November 3, 2022. Fourth list started May 10, 2017 (first list ended 11/13/2011, second list 8/11/2014, third list 5/9/2017) until February 5, 2020. Completed items are in blue, black is the color for original post.  Pink items are plans.  Red items are cautions due to the COVID situation.

We had lots of COVID-safe get togethers.

Here’s my progress at the end of 1001 days.  A number of items were planned then cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  They’re still on the the list but the possibility of executing them in the near future is unlikely.

  1. Go over Legacy documents with family. Complete! 8/21/2021
  2. Take a trip to Assateague/Chincoteague. Complete! 8/31/2020
  3. Find the North Star, Polaris. Complete! 8/21/2019 

    We saw Polaris again in Iceland — the 2 stars on the cup of the Big Dipper (center of photo) point directly to it.

  4. Visit Rawlings ConservatoryComplete! 4/7/2021

    The orchid room was the highlight of the Rawlings Conservatory visit.

  5. Visit Brookside Gardens Complete! 8/19/2020  
  6. Attend Master Gardener class Complete! 2/29/2020

    Charlie is our master gardener.

  7. Tour U.S. Capitol Complete! 8/5/2022 

    Southeastern approach to the US Capitol building.

  8. Tour Bureau of Engraving and Printing  Closed to visitors.
  9. Visit the National Archives  Closed except for timed tickets to the Rotunda.  Should be planned as an add-on to another DC activity.
  10. NYC long weekend Complete! 3/6/2022
  11. Go to top of Empire State Building Complete! 3/6/2022 

    Jo and Charlie inside the Empire State Building.

  12. Visit 9/11 Memorial Plaza  Complete! 3/23/2021
  13. Take a trip to Hawaii.  Complete! 9/21/2022 

    Sunset on the Big Island.

  14. Visit Greece Rescheduled for 2024
  15. Get rid of 50 books. Complete! 11/9/2020
  16. Visit New Orleans Complete! 2/22/2021 

    Charlie handled an alligator in the swamps of Louisiana.

  17. Redecorate Conservatory Complete! 8/16/2021 

    Even in an open plan the conservatory seems very private.

  18. Create a nice office and guest room in the pink bedroom.  Complete! 10/22/2022

    The office side of the pink bedroom.

  19. Host a swap meet. We hosted a Backyard Book Swap on a beautiful day in May.  Complete! 5/21/2022 

    Guests left their books and picked up others that interested them.

  20. Hang photos in upstairs hall
  21. Host a dinner party for 6
  22. Make a month’s worth of meals one weekend. Complete! 11/13/2021
  23. Get new mattress for king-sized bed.  Complete! 11/24/2020 

    New mattress.

  24. Make a home maintenance calendar.
  25. Fly in a helicopter Complete! 9/9/2022 

    We flew over the Big Island.

  26. Set blogging goals.
  27. Sort out things in attic by attaching children’s names, give away, sell, etc. Give heirlooms to children Making headway
  28. Build daybed nook in Grace Cottage Complete! 9/18/2021

    The bed nook at the shore house.

  29. Learn to copyright (watermark) photos
  30. Make a photo album of Mommie
  31. Travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights Complete! 9/9/2021 

    We spotted the illusive Northern Lights on multiple occasions while in Iceland.

  32. Plan a cruise. Complete! 5/5/2022 

    At our muster station on Enchantment of the Seas with Baltimore Harbor reflected in the windows.

  33. Write a novel based on work
  34. Increase net worth by 25%  Complete! 11/15/2021
  35. Paint landscapes/seascapes on canvas/wood
  36. Memorize a poem.
  37. Make a household inventory with photos
  38. Finish laundry room Complete! 10/8/2022 

    Hiding the closet was the final item on my current list.

  39. Finish painting trim in pink bedroom.
  40. Make a master menu for 14 days of meals
  41. Wash all the windows in the house Complete! 11/27/2020
  42. Paint dining room table Complete! 6/28/2020 

    An old dark table lightened and updated.

  43. Use my God box. Complete! 9/26/2022
  44. Build bench for mudroom.  Complete! 3/26/2022 

    I hope the bench does NOT become the dumping ground the cedar chest used to be.

  45. Finish shelves in master bedroom. Complete! 5/3/2020
  46. Design Etsy boutique packaging
  47. Achieve my personal weight goal  Complete! 8/10/2021
  48. Get rid of 5 big items from the house:  Rocking horse, blue highboy, log splitter — down 3 large items.  Better than nothing.
  49. Design and print business cards
  50. Organize papers, bills, and contracts from renovation.  Finished before the 10 year anniversary of the reno.  Whew!! Complete! 3/5/2022
  51. Attend 5 concerts:  US Army Field Band, Annapolis Symphony, Pedro Giraudo Tango Quartet,  Sultans of String, Birdland Jazz Club, Ceol, Cultúr, Craic – The Celtic Music Club, Quantico Marine Corps Brass Band, 

    The US Marines — wonderful.

    Shades of Blue, Ayreheart, The LPs, and A Classic Case Complete! 3/5/2022

  52. Build a structure for trash cans and recycle bins
  53. Install all trim Started 5/1/2020
  54. Paint all trim
  55. Repaint exterior parts of house that have weatheredComplete! 7/16/2022 

    We repainted a shutter.

  56. Clean out car Complete! 10/30/2022
  57. Clean up all paint cans
  58. Clear out the basement  Tile has been organized
  59. Remove 10 boxes from the attic Complete! 7/19/2020
  60. Build frame for full length mirror
  61. Give 5 parties  Lawn Party 8/14/2021, Anniversary Lawn Party 9/11/2021, Masque Party 10/30/2021, Pop Over New Year’s Day 1/1/2022, Dash’s Birthday Pawty 2/5/2022, Boho Midsummer Mingle 6/24/2022, Sug’s Retirement Party 9/3/3033 Complete! 2/5/2022 

    Sunhats and sunscreen were necessary for our first lawn party.

  62. Coffee table for conservatory Complete! 5/7/2020 
  63. Paint secretaryI gave it away instead.  Maybe the new owners will upgrade it. Complete! 7/11/2020
  64. Dye hall rug Complete! 7/18/2020

    I dyed the hall rug deep blue.

  65. Paint green vanity
  66. Hot air balloon ride Complete! 6/9/2020 

    Our hot air balloon ride was magical.

  67. Refinish tall dresser
  68. Clear out mudroom closet  Complete! 10/30/2022 



  69. Whiten my teeth Complete! 5/8/2020, 8/18/2021
  70. Fast for 24 hours Complete! 2/28/2020
  71. Work on side hustle
  72. Teach Dash a new trick Complete! 8/9/2020 

    Dash learned how to work the weave poles.

  73. Buy a winter coat  Complete! 11/20/2021 
  74. Plan retirement for January 31, 2023 Complete! 11/20/2021
  75. Throw away/donate 30 things and do not replace them Complete! 7/19/2020
  76. Play guitar again

    My guitar.

  77. Take ukulele lessons Complete! 2/25/2020 

    I took a private lesson on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  78. Drink 70 ounces of water each day for a week  Complete! 3/21/2020
  79. Try 5 new restaurants  Complete! 2/25/2021
  80. Get a manicure. Complete! 9/26/2022
  81. Build deck onto conservatory.  I got 3 estimates and decided the project is too costly at this time.  Perhaps if the market goes up again.  .  .
  82. Upgrade dollhouse castle

    The dollhouse castle is ready to be refurbished.

  83. Paver patio at bottom of new deck (See #81.)
  84. Host a book club Bible study Complete! 8/18/2022
  85. Clean up pond 

    Plants are good but maple trees will need to be removed.

  86. Learn 5 new songs for performance.
  87. Clean up all tile in basement Complete! 4/28/2020   
  88. Stain shed Complete! 6/9/2020 

    Shug stained the entire shed with a brush.

  89. Renovate shore house bathroom Complete! 2/27/2020 


  90. Paint shore house sheds
  91. Paint shore house kitchen cabinets  Complete! 10/17/2020 


    Everyone loves the new kitchen color.

  92. Visit 5 significant local churches Complete! 7/17/2022 

    The columns were painted faux marble in the monumental Gothic Revival of Saint Alphonsus.

  93. Paint bump-out  Complete! 4/19/2020



  94. See 5 theatrical productions.  The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Music Man, Hamilton, Plaza Suite, Aladdin, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, The Music Man (deaf cast) Complete! 3/6/2022 

    There’s nothing as exciting as a trip to Broadway.

  95. Put outdoor shower at shore house
  96. Take down screen porch Complete! 1/23/2020



  97. Install dual system — heating and air conditioning — in master bedroom in shore house
  98. Install foundation plantings at back of Glade house  Complete! 4/28/2020 

    Small hedge is planted.

    The boxwood plants have doubled in size.

  99. Get together with Sister
  100. Upgrade security system at home
  101. Private

This new list has been challenging since some of the items have been unfinished on the last three lists and the COVID epidemic had all but stopped our travel and entertaining plans.  Now that the world is opening up we’re still cautious but trying to move forward.  I’m hoping to be more productive next time through.